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Camp LifeEdit

It's certainly not summer camp, though it's possible that it may have been some sort of boot camp at one point. It's a spacious area nestled deep within a forest reasonably near the now-wrecked Kansas City.

Several large tents have put up on the terrain to house people in addition to the many log cabins already present. It's not neat; there's junk and trashed cars scattered around the camp and the weeds are growing out of control.

The entire camp is surrounded by a chainlink fence topped with barbed wire and remains guarded at all times, with armed men and women clocking night and day shifts. There's also evidence of some sort of speaker or warning system and lamps, but it's questionable if either of these run unless there's a back-up generator.

A few animals are kept to sustain the survivors and there are small garden plots, but it's tricky to keep them alive and most of the food comes from cans. In relation to supplies, most are stored under lock and key and inventory is kept by Chuck Shurley.



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